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The ASTM A307 specification covers carbon steel bolts and studs ranging from 1/4″ through 4″ diameter. This is the standard bolt specification often manufactured using A36 round bar. There are two grades A, and B which denote tensile strength, configuration, and application.

A307 Grades

A Headed bolts, threaded rods and bent bolts intended for general applications.
B Heavy hex bolts and studs intended for flanged joints in piping systems with cast iron flanges.

A307 Mechanical Properties

Grade Tensile, ksi Yield, min, ksi Elong %, min
A 60 min -- 18
B 60 - 100 -- 18
C* 58 - 80 36 23

A307 Chemical Properties

Element Grade A Grade B
Carbon, max 0.29% 0.29%
Manganese, max 1.20% 1.20%
Phosphorus, max 0.04% 0.04%
Sulfur, max 0.15% 0.05%